Sunday, August 13, 2017

Good News

Heyy yall!
The time has FLOWN by and another transfer has come and gone. This last friday we had interviews with President Simmons. In the interview he informed me that i will be STAYING another transfer in Kuching! He has also given me the sacred trust to be the District Leader here! This will be transfer number 6 in kuching! The longest anyone usually stays in an area is 5 transfers. But we are making a lot of good things happen here in kuching so president wants to keep me here! I am so excited! Kuching and the people here will forever have a special place in my heart! I will never forget the time i have spent here and am grateful I get at least 6 more weeks here!

This week was a fantastic week! I have been able to increase my faith in finding this week as we have been given from the lord 4 new investigators. The lord does prepare people and is willing to let us teach them as long as we are ready to recieve them. Just like what the APs trained us about in zone conference. As my faith has increased so has my confidence. The more faith i have in finding the easier it is to talk to people. One thing i have been doing is something that Elder Macbeth taught me to do. That is to have a personal affirmation. So whenever fear comes to me, or temptation comes, or something i dont want to do comes, i recite to myself my affirmation. In turn my affirmation gives me confidence and the right thought channel to accomplish the task at hand. "as a man thinketh, so is he" or "commit thy works unto the lord, and thy thoughts shall be established" are my mottos. I feel that if you can control your thoughts you can control your life. And your mission as well. That is a very important lesson i have learned on my mission.

This week we saw a miracle in getting 4 new investigators. 3 of them was a family that we found on chinese new year! And the 4th was a way cool guy named J***. So jim is the son of a former investigator. When we first came in contact with him we talked a lot about life and his goals and ambitions and how his religion has played a part in that. He mentioned how he feels that the bible is missing something and that he wants to find. That is music to a missionaries ear! We presented the book of mormon to him and taught him more about it this week.

I am so excited to be able to stay here in kuching! I absolutely love this place and the people here! Especially the members! They were all surprised that i will be staying. I am hoping this transfer to baptize President Euros cousin. We visited them this week and found that their cousin is living with them. We presented our message to her with power and were able to get a return appointment. Referrals from members are so amazing! So many barriers are cleared when we teach a member refferel. They already have a fellowshipper, they have an example to view how the church has blessed their lives, they trust the missionaries more, they are more open and accepting, they always have someone to turn to for questions. The list could go on of why referrals are are so good.
Love Elder Schwemmer

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